Pick the Right Expression
1. c
2. b

Put the Verbs in the Correct Form

1. Will have increased
2. Have been exploiting
3. Have composted
4. Will be dining
5. Struggled
6. Will be revealed
7. Will be able to assess
8. Has degraded
9. Don’t coincide
10. Had sorted

Read and Complete
– Health | Muscle development, cardiovascular health | Brain Power
– Activities | Playing sports, exercising |Playing chess, reading, relaxing
– Careers | Bricklayer, garbage collector | Telephone operator, secretary

Listen and Classify
/ɔ/rock, what, song, watch
/aʊ/out, plough, gown, sound

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  1. Bom dia. Você bem que poderia fazer as transcrições dos áudios do Catch up, neh??? Certamente iria nos ajudar muito!!!!

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