Pick the right expression
1. b
2. c

Rewrite the sentences

1. He didn’t want to take part in the game.
2. Don’t let me forget to call her when we get home.
3. I’d rather have tea than hot chocolate.
4. It’s likely they are meeting for the first time.
5. You should try on this shirt.
6. If he hadn’t been so smart, he wouldn’t have saved his life.

Read and answer

1. Over-the-counter
2. Medicine & alternative medicines
3. Alternative treatment options
4. Personal answer

Listen and underline the stressed word

I finally found my shoes.
If you really want to know how I did it, I guess I will show you.
Come to the car dealership today to get 25% off your purchase.
I went skating on a date yesterday.

1. finally
2. really e guess
3. today
4. date

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