Pick the right expression

1. b
2. c

Listen and classify
1º Quadro
1. hard 
2. calm 
3. cargo
4. father

2º Quadro
1. about
2. chocolate
3. cinema
4. again

home office

social: loneliness
purchases: desk, pc and supplies
distractions: neighbors and family

working in a office

social: co-workers interaction
purchases: car and clothes
distractions: co-workers 

put the verbs…

1.had reacted
2.had proved
3.had intervened
4. reckon
5.has been
6.will have released
7.are going to tackle
9. have mastered
10.was proofhaeding

2 respostas

  1. Put the verbs into the correct form

    01. reacted
    02. provoked
    03. had intervened
    04. reckon
    05. has been
    06. will have released
    07. are going to tackle
    08. enhanced
    09. have mastered/will master
    10. was proofreading

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