Go to page 82 in your textbook and find the words for these definitions:
1 – Acquisition
2 – Scholar
3 – Multilingual
4 – Intriguing

Write sentences with the words from the previous exercise.
1-The acquisition of knowledge is a process by which improve our personal skills and competences.
2- Scholars have a long argues about the question of global warming
3- Multilingual nations use more than official language
4-I’m sure Australia is an intriguing and interesting country

Personal answer

Listen and Report
In Hungary, set on Daly River, is the city of Budapest. Steepest in history, culture and nature beauty, this city is definilety one you want to see. There are over one hundred and eighteen springs and brown holes, where fifteen million gallons of water bubbly daily into Budapest. Must see architecture replicas includes the Hungary stay opera house in the educational, which is a large complex with 21 exact replicas of the must magnificent and history building of Hungary.

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