Pick the right expression

1. B
2. C

Rewrite the sentences

1. She had such a beautiful voice that we can hardly forget it.
2. I didn’t use to play tennis very often.
3. Nobody knows why she made the decision to quit her job.
4. He never pays attention to what I say.
5. I’m interested in going to Australia this year.
6. It’s a waste of time asking her to help.

Read and answer

1. 2800
2. To have more than one official anguage in a country, Switzerland, Phillipines.
3. People, places, and events.
4. Personal answer

Listen and underline the stressed word

1. I am so proud of you.
2. Uncle Gary flew to France.
3. The other side of my family lives in Canada.
4. He watched TV all day.

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