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1- lane 2- bliss 3- overrated 4- deed

Write senteces:
1- Cars cannot use the bus lane.
2- It is hard to attain the supreme bliss of love.
3- She is extremely overrated singer.
4- Good people often do good deeds.


Personal creation. Exemplo:

Did you watch the new film about how to raise the kids? (I do think that the movie was overratde).
Maybem but the movie has a good advice for parents (Well, the whole emphasis,,,)
However, it has very good news principles (it really comes down…)
Do you agree with those violent scenes? (I disagree….)
I prefer to delete the bad exemples and keep the good ones (I just think that is…)


In this winter, the oversized coat is back. The collection is little less feminine than the summer was. There will be dark floral fabrics and lacy overlays. This winter will see powerful briliant prints. Littles hand bags also in and there will be dresses, jackets and paints made of black leather.

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