Write sentences

excuse-The teacher was tired of his excuse for work not done. The name as Aline’s.
pace- It is a myth that all older people struggle with the fast-paced evolution on information technology.
pursuit-Pursuiting the goal produces somethingof value you.
concept-You have no concept of what they suffered.


1.Excuse me.
2.I have a big problem to solve. Can you call someone to help me?
3. Do you have an undestanding businessman in this new generation of team?
4. Do you think this generation is letter than the last generation?
5. Can I do for the starters?

Listen and report  (Outra contribuição da Jaqueline Fernandes)

– Online Learning

Online learning is becoming more and more popular each in every day. This, is due to, the fact that people have more confidence in it, and that people are busier as well.

The confidence of the population is increasing, as more online graduates are sharing their success stories with those around them. If one person can do it, then others feel the safe and useful for them to use the same view for learning. Also more working class people are seeing to need to increase their education level.

Many of these types of people have families and responsibilities and going to a conventional college is not an option. Online learning, now provides a way for the working individual, to increase his or her education without disrupting their lives and the process.

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    1. Bom dia, João, eu ainda não respondi estes exercícios e nem achei ninguém que os tenha feito e que quisesse contribuir.
      Mas eu ainda os postarei.

  1. Ola..
    Me ajude por favor…
    Voce pode mandar os gabaritos dessas lições
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