Answer the Questions
1. I take a walk every Day
2. Yes! They are as good as public ones
3. I go to work by bus
4. I think that people use electronic devices
5. I have no idea!
6. They are Red
7. I will visit my relatives next month
8. I would invite my mother
9. My boss’ name is Adler
10. No, I usually use my cell phone to call my friends

Complete with
1. took
2. call
3. invited
4. pay
5. forgot
6. remembered
7. arriver

Write a Question For
1. Whose car is this?
2. How many people did you invite to our party?
3. Did you call her?
4. Where does she study?
5. Do you think it is a good solution?
6. Where are your friends?
7. Will you finish it by tomorrow?
8. What time will it start?

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