Answer the Questions

1. Yes, there is a mall near my house.
2. I think around 500,00 reais
3. I don’t like to take a lot of pictures. But my sister does.
4. Sometimes I like to upload pictures to my facebook album
5. I have to answer around 5 e-mails every day
6. Yes, my sister speaks English with me after class
7. It’s bad to ask questions all the time
8. Yes, there is. Two and a Half man!
9. Yes, I like when people call me by my nickname.
10. No, there isn’t a good concert to go this weekend.

Complete With

1. Was
2. Is
3. Is
4. Was
5. Isn’t
6. Is
7. was

Write a Question For

1. Is there a message for me?
2. Was there a meeting this morning?
3. Did you answer all the emails?
4. Did you take a lot of pictures yesterday?
5. Could you answer the phone, please?
6. Do you have any questions?
7. How many employees do you have working on your company?
8. Do you know how many people speak Portuguese around the world?

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