Listening and Comprehension
1. How many
2. Do you have
3. Would you
4. Last year
5. These
6. Anymore
7. Someone who
8. Needs
9. Much

1. How many pairs of pants do you have that you don’t wear anymore?
2. How many shirts or T-shirts do you have that you don1t wear anymore?
3. How many dresses do you have that you don’t wear anymore?
4. Do you have a lot of clothes that you don’t wear anymore?
5. Do you usually give your clothes to other people?

Text Back

– Hey Ethan! The party was awesome! Your loss. I’m sure we’re going to have lot more for we to go. See you on lunch tomorrow. Same place, same time? See you!

Wizard Blog
Hey everyone!
Yesterday I went to the movies to see the dictator and it is a very good movie! It is a comedy which brings the most ridiculous facts about a being a dictator!
If I were you, I would go to the movies today to check it.
See you later, guys!!

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