Answer the Questions

1. I want to visit Hopi Hari in São Paulo and Beto Varrero World in Floripa!
2. I usually watch movies during the week.
3. I watched a movie yesterday.
4. I used to like monica’s gang and care bears.
5. My favorite TV channel is Warner Bross.
6. Yes! We have a lot of beautiful places to visit in Brazil.
7. I can’t dance anything!
8. Yes, I watch plays every week.
9. Yes, there are a lot of good restaurants in Curitiba, actually.
10. People who can afford to have one, only wealthy people.

Complete With

1. Are
2. Were
3. Were
4. Are
5. Are
6. Aren’t
7. Are
Write a Question For

1. Did you put the dishes in the dishwasher?
2. Where is the aspirin?
3. When did you take your kids to the amusement park?
4. Did she send you any e-mail?
5. How many people were there in the conference?
6. Are there nice places to visit there?
7. What does she do for a living?
8. Did you like to watch that movie?

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