Answer the Questions

1. I go jogging every once in a while
2. Yes, Guíra Teather is near my house
3. I don’t have Skype
4. I try to same 10% of my salary every month
5. I make a list of everything I need to do
6. Piolla is a good pizza place in my city
7. Yes, I would stop eating red meat
8. Yes, I would like to run a business
9. I would like to have a food business. Fast food!
10. Yes, I like pepper in my food

Complete With

1. John, Is this camera yours?
2. I think that purse is hers
3. This is my new car. I want to drive it all day long
4. This apartment is ours. We bought it last year.
5. That’s her passaport. She forgot it here.
6. I think this umbrella is yours.
7. This is not her laptop. I need it right now.

Write a Question For

1. Does she go jogging every morning?
2. Did you stop drinking soda?
3. Is there a movie theater near your house?
4. Where does he work?
5. Where is she?
6. When are you online?
7. Is this laptop yours?
8. Is this camera hers?

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