Answer the Questions

1. It is kind of expensive to have a broadband in my country
2. I don’t think I am a funny person
3. I like to have spicy food
4. Yes, olive oil is healthy
5. I usually go out with my friends
6. No, I don’t think so
7. I could practice with my mom
8. No, I can’t live without Internet
9. I eat out with my friends every Saturday
10. No, I don’t have the time to chat with people

Complete With

1. Can
2. Stop
3. Went
4. Watched
5. Sent
6. Can
7. Ask

Write a Question For

1. Could you dodo the housecleaning for me?
2. Why didn’t she come?
3. Where are marvel y glasses?
4. Do you want a broadband connection here?
5. Do you enjoy spicy food?
6. Could he travel?
7. Was it good at Disney World?
8. Can you talk to her tomorrow?

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