Answer the Questions

1. I study at Federal University
2. Yes, I would like to work in a big company
3. The most important plan for my future is to have a great job
4. Yes, It’s true that I’m going to travel to the USA next year
5. Yes, I read news online everyday
6. I am thinking about traveling to Novo Hamburgo next vacation
7. Yes, I have to speak English at work
8. I like to go out with my friends
9. No, my native language is not that easy
10. It’s important to develop my brain

Complete With
1. Are
2. Is
3. Were
4. Are
5. Wasn’t
6. Is
7. Aren’t

Write a Question For

1. Should I call him today?
2. Where are the reports I need?
3. Are the files in the file cabinet?
4. Are they going to fire her?
5. Should we send him the email after the meeting?
6. Do you study and work?
7. Did she tell him the truth?
8. Do you thing we should buy more food?

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