Listen and write

  1. She has just illustrated her third look.
  2. Please, mix the the vegetables with the seasoning.
  3. I don´t like to eat eggplant unless it is cooked.
  4. The green beans and anions are delicious.
  5. The company has just published it´s last magazine.

  1. Did he just buya house in Bahamas?
  2. She has just been deceived by the boss
  3. I have just played soccer
  4. Have you just bought a car for $100,000?
  5. The woman has just published the paper
  6. Has he just driver in racer?
  7. Have you just won that competition ?
  8. The cook has just been already
  9. They have just been hired in the job
  10. Have they just had lunch in china

Interactive Listening 

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