Follow the Pattern

1 – Her organizing made the party a huge success.
2 – The organization was awarded because of having compassion on the needy.
3 – Because of their buying an affordable home, they have money to travel.
4 – His self-serving irritates a lot of people.
5 – I lost five points on my exam because of not responding to the last question.
6 – Because of giving shelter for refugees in their home, they were thrown in jail.


    Well, your check up is all done. Everything looks pretty normal, except for your blood pressure.
    For now, want eat more fruits and vegetables and start a regular exercise program.
    Try to limit amount of stress in your life by starting a relaxing hobby, like yoga or painting.
    Come back in about eight weeks. So be checked your progress. If you don’t you may risk a heart attack.

1 – Who is speaking?
    a) A dentist
    b) a therapist
–> c) a doctor

2 – What’s wrong with a patient here seen?
    a) the patient has diabets.
–> b) the patient has high blood pressure.
    c) the patient has the stomach flu.
3 – What is the doctor recomending for his patient?
    a)Eating more fruits and vegetables
    b)Starting a relaxing hobby.
–> c)Both A and B are correct.

    Angela, thank you so much for coming tonight, let me give you few instructions. The kids have already eaten dinner.
    They just need to take bath before bed. The baby needs to have a bath at seven thirty, and then he has to have is blanked when he go to sleep.
    The twins had to be in bed by eight, but they can read books in their room and so they get tired.
    If you have any questions call me on my cell phone. We’ll be home by ten.
4 – How many kids is Angela babysitting?
–> b)Three
    c)Not mentioned
5 – What is Angela need to give the baby before bed?
–> a)A bath.
    b)A dose of medicine
    c)A bottle
6 – What instructions did the mother give about the twins?
    a) They must have dinner before bed.
    b) They are not allowed to go to bed.
–> c) They need to be in bed by 8 o’clock.

Fill in the gaps with the sentences


Write a summary of the text you’ve just read.

The above history tell us about Nikolas, as known as Santa Claus,
born in north of Greece, nowadays Turkey’s southern coast.
He had been educated by Christians parents who had had teached God obedience.
Then he uses his inheritance to assist the poor, needy, sick and the suffering.
For your God’s service he got made bishop of myra still a young man.
And Bishop Nicholas became known throughout the land for his love for children and concern for others.

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