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Health Problems

    A lady was having some health problems, so she went DOWNTOWN to SEE a doctor.
    “How old are you?” the DOCTOR asked.
    “Well”, the woman answered, “I don’t remember. LET ME think”.
    After a moment she said: “I think I remember.
    When I GOT married I was 16 years old and my husband was 30.
    Now my HUSBAND is 60. That’s two times 30. So I’m two times 16.
    That would make me 32, right doctor?

Circle the Best Option

    Man, I KNEW I should have come home earlier.
    Do you think they are THE ONES who organized the protest?
    He is pretty confident that HIS RESPONDING to the email is pertinent.
    Their spending time together was fun, EVEN THOUGH they didn’t do much.
    Which ONE of you two was awarded with the Student of the Month trophy?
    She’s happy that SHE WENT out with him last weekend.

Complete the Dialogue

    Personal Answer

Building a Story

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  1. amigo
    fui roubado,perdi meu material todo.
    comprei apenas o livro na net.
    n tenho wizepen nem CD do w8.
    poe só o trecho do building a story que eu me garanto no resto.

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