Choose the right answer

c) discrimination
b) will be
d) taking
d) gender
c) assuming
b) they will

Listen and Answer the question

Why is technology so important for our daily lives? Do you think technology brings more advantages or disadvantages?


Officer – Excuse woman, do you Know why I pulled you over today?
Woman   – No officer, I don’t. Did I do something wrong?
Officer – I pulled you for violation of speedy limit. You were driving at 60 mph in a school zone.
Woman   – Really, I had no idea. I must at been putting on my lipstick when I past the sign.
Officer – You were putting your make up on while driving?
woman   – Oh no! Actually, I put my lipstick on after the stop signs so I … I must have putting on my pantyhose when I drove by the school.
officer – Here’s your ticket. Drive more carefully.

1)Why the police office pull the woman over?

2)What were she doing while driving?

3)What did the police officer give the woman?

Friend – Hei, Megan, are you excited for the holiday break next week?
Megan  – No, I’m not my whole family is coming into town, and they’ll be staying at my house.
Friend – Oh no. that’s a lot of work. Will you be cooking for every one too?
Megan  – Yes, I don’t know what I going to do. I know there is my sibling would be figthing whole time too. They don’t get alone.
Friend – Well, don’t be afraid to speak up, take control over situation. It’s your house. So you should the one making the rules.
Megan  – Yeah, you right, I guess would just see how it goes.
Friend – Well, good lucky. I’ll be checking any of the couple day to see how you doing, happy holidays.

4)How does Megan fell about the holiday break?


5)What were Megan sibling be doing the whole time?

6)What the sense just megan do?

Write question for

Will they be going to the conference?
When will she be arriving?
Do you think the government will be doing good things?
Why is he here?

Will you be staying in my party?

Listen and answer

Have they been going the conference?
What time will she be arraiving?
Do you know if the government will be imposing laws concerning medical care?
Why is the boss here?
What is happening here now?
Will you go to my party tomorrow?

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