Listen and complete the dialogue

Danny: Hey Carli, did you hear about Seth and Amber?
Carli: No I didn’t . What happened?
Danny: Well, I guess they’re fighting a lot lately. It sounds that they want to divorce.
Carli: Oh no, really? That’s terrible. They’ve been married for so long.
Danny: I know. But there has been a lot of conflict. It just can’t worked out.
Carli: And they have just had another kid, right?
Daany: Yeah, they have. They have two girls now.
Carli: Well, I know it’s hard, but I don’t think they should give up. They might regret it later.
Danny: I don’t know, with so much conflict in the home they must find the solution to this.
Carli: Maybe, you’re right, but this situation is very challenging anyway.

Complete with

1) I don’t think it’s right to impose rules like that on everyone.
2) She did the right thing by fighting for what she believes in and not giving up.
3) You should never assume you know everything. You may be surprised.
4) I bought the chocolate cake because I just assumed everyone liked chocolate.
5) They are members of an organization that fights child abuse.
6) The banks imposed heavy taxes on those who are taking out loans.

Justify you answer in written (page 35)
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Rewrite the Sentences

1) If we let them come with us, they will be fighting the whole time.
2) Did you know that our relatives will be coming for the holidays?
3) Are you sure we won’t be imposing if we stay at your house tonight?
4) He will be giving up his position as manager to pursue a career in music.
5) My sisters and I won’t be going to the demonstration. We don’t like politics.
6) I believe the speaker will be addressing the topic of gender equality tonight.

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