Complete the text with the words in the box

In today’s society, many women feel the need fo enter the workforce. As less and less couples choose to get married, and less women have children, the role of homemaker has become less respected. Some mothers are even  criticized for choosing to stay home; saying that they are “wasting” their talents and educations by not working. Women often feel an expectation to hold high-paying jobs, or powerfull positions, or to be the bread winners in their household in order to prove they are as capable as men. But no professional success can compensate for failure in the home, and good mothers are still desperately needed.


1) Who is the bread winner in your family
a) We don’t eat bread at my house.
->b) My father.
c) I have three siblings.

2)Why does he refuse to work on weekends?
a)It’s his first job.
b)It’s his turn to work.
->c)It’s his only time to relax.

3)She’ll be successfull
a)She has such high expectations.
b)She is not always smiling.
c)She is extremely slow.

4)I never wanted to play the piano as a child.
a)It made me so happy.
b)I loved to practice for hours.
->c)My mother forced me to play anyway.

5)The teacher’s criticism is not helpfull.
a)She should never give in.
->b)It just made me feel worse.
c)It was a great motivation.

6)Does he ever ask you for help?
->a)No, he is very independent.
b)There is a large generation gap between us.
c)He doesn’t believe in soul mates.

Underline the correct forms in the dialogue.

Bob:    Hey Kristy, how’s it going?
Kristy: Things are great, actually, I am going to be traveling in about a week to New York.
Bob:    Oh really? Will your husband be traveling with you?
Kristy: No, not this time. I’ll be meeting some girlfriends of mine to see a show on Broadway.
Bob:    How exciting. Will you and the girls be staying at a fancy hotel?
Kristy: Actually, we’re going to be staying at my aunt’s house. She lives all alone and has plenty of room. I can’t wait.

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Company Criticized For Allowing Parent to bring children to the workplace.

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  1. The “Complete the text with the words in the box” is incomplete:

    … Women often feel an expectation to hold high-paying jobs OR POWERFUL POSITIONS, OR TO BE THE BREAD WINNERS IN THEIR HOUSEHOLD, in order to prove
    they are as capable as men. …

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