Follow the pattern

  1)  I spoke to a blonde French actress.
  2)  My best friend is a nineteen-year girl
  3)  I think big leather couches are the most comfortable.
  4)  New York is a loud, fast-paced and modern city.
  5)  She wants a famous well-respected school
  6)  Our team is full of young athletic players.


All right, Panthers, everyone listen. We have played grade games so far, but we need to play harder. Right now, we are tired, but I know we
can beat the other team. Every one needs to focus in work together. We have time for one more play. So I want every one to pass the ball
to Scott, so he can shoot the goal. Run hard and keep ball do Scott. Got it?
1)Which team is winning the game right now? c

2)What sport are they playing? b

3)What the coach want the players to do? c

Hello, Welcome to … grill, my name is Sherry I’ll be serve you tonight.
Our dinner special is the lobster ravioli with .. dries steamed vegetables.
Seen … to happy hour you may order two appetizers for the prize of one.
All cocktails are half off. And our entire wine menu list on the back.
I’ll get you water to start and then I’ll be back to take your orders.
Do you have any questions?

4) What’s the dinner special of the restaurant? c

5)What do you get .. in the happy hour? a

6)What is Sherry going to bring everyone? c

Fill in the gaps with the sentences


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