Choose the right answer

    d had’nt
    c Would
    d better
    c rather
    d would
    d Wouldn’t

Listen and answer the question

    How do you see yourself five years from now?


Professor: Wong , step into my office for a minute. There’s something I want to discuss with you.
Wong:      Sure professor. what’s up?
Professor: Well, I’ve kwnown there’s some conflict beetween you and others stutends into the class.
Wong:      Yeah, that’s true. Some of the stutends stereotyped me because I’m not american and we not are teenagers anymore.
Professor: Well, I don’t want anyone been fear or judging you, so tomorrow I’m goin to talk to whole class. Is that ok?
Wong:      All right, professor. Thanks.

Jenn: Danny, are you the one who made the messing in the kitchen?
Danny: No Jenn, it wasn’t me. Did you ask dog?
Jenn: No I didn’t, but I would rather you tell me the truth and help clean all this mess.
Danny: …, You always play me for the messing the kitchen. Why you’re thinking was me?
jenn: Come on Danny, I kwnow was you, you are the only one here that likes chocolate syrup.

Write questions for

    Would you rather discuss your financial situation?
    Hadn’t you better resolve this conflict?
    What doesn’t like to do around her?
    What is you who did it?
    Do you worry about what others think of you?
    Do you like her behavior with the other kids at school?

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