Follow the pattern

He dreams of becoming a famous businessman.
She said she would marry him before knowing him well.
I was greatful to be home after being in the hospital so long.
He is looking forward to visiting his grandmother.(‘looking forward’ tem o sentido de “Não vejo a hora” ou “Estou ansioso para”)
I never get around to clean up my office.
He objects to stand up in front of the whole class.

Welcome aboard, Southwest air lines flight 285 going to Seattle Washington.
This is an non smoking flight. All passengers must fasten the seatbelts and remain
seated during the flight. If you need to use the restroom, wait to the captain
has switch off the seatbelt sign, before leaving your the seat.
In case of water landing, all passengers have a flotation device under the seats.
Please observe where the emergency exit are located and have a nice flight.

1)Where’s the flight leaving from? C

2)When can passengers leave the seats? A

3)What it have the passengers under the seat? C

Thank you for coming to seeing me, Ms. Slim.
Your son Corey, is a very nice boy, but he is having hard time in the classroom.
While he is excellent at math, I’ve noticed he memorises histories and doesn’t actually read them.
His spelling is not as good as the other childrens. I would like to spend forty five (45) minutes
every day reading together aloud. Try to use books he has never read before,
to make sure he is really reading, and not just repeating.

4)Why is the teacher concerned about Cory? C

5)What is the teacher want Cory mother to do? B

6)What kind of books does the teacher want Cory to read? C

Fill in the gaps with the sentences


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