Listen and complete

    he decided to call
    if I recover I’ll
    forgot the promises
    promised to give twenty-five
    how sick I realy was

Circle the best option

    from persuading
    of buying
    going opposed
    without asking

Complete the dialogue

    I have not seen the news. have you seen?
    I think that may be about it
    I agree with the protest and I think the school should be punished for its mistake.
    The school acted wrong. They have to respect everyone equally
    I also wouldn’t put my son in a school like that

Building a story

    At night a man tries to sleep, but when he falls sleep the clock ticks all the time. The bed squarks, the mosquito buzzes. He gets out fo bed and strumbles in the chair. Search the inseticide spray in your bedroom.
    When he falls sleep the alarm clock rings. It is time to wake up! Good morning.

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