Choose the right answer
1. d
2. d
3. b
4. d
5. d
6. a

Listen and Answer

– If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go? Explain why you would visit that country.
I woul visit france.

I would visit France. The France is an interesting parents, they have a rich and eventful history.
They also have several excellent wines and cheeses, as well as your kitchen is greatly appreciated.
Also, France has many interesting places to be visited.


Friend –  Hey Tifany I heard you’re going on a big vacation next month.
Tifany – Well, Nothing is set in stone yet. But that’s the plan.
Friend – What’s the occasion? And where are you going?
Tifany – It’s our wedding anniversary. I want go to Hawaii, but Dave want to go to Jamaica.
Friend – Well how flee by next week, you have decided? You’d better buy a plane ticket soon.
Tifany – That’s true or we might not be going anywhere.

1)When is Tifany going on a vacation? 1. a

2)Where the Tifany’s husband want to go? 2. c

3)When are they travelling? 3. b

Brand – … where should we go to christmas this year?
Molly – I know it’s our tradition to going somewhere, but I really rather stay home for wants.
Brand – Ok. Let’s talk about pros and cons. If we stay it will be snowing, but if we travel we can escape the cold weather and be somewhere warm.
Molly – That’s true, but if we travel we won’t get to be with our relative, and we can see the …
Brand – We just saw your family six month ago. I’m ready for so more long time.
Molly – Well, I want to see my siblings, so if you want a long time, maybe we can take week off a … and go on a romantic trip.

4)How did the Molly feel about travelling for christmas? 4. c

5)What’s the pros Brand lists for the travelling? 5. b

6)What’s the cons Molly lists about leaving? 6. c

Write questions for

1. Have they done it yet?
2. Will the movei finish by 10 o´clock?
3. How many clients will they have visited by the end of the week?
4. You think Sally will have read all the books by the end of the month?
5. How will it be that you have been on the hospital on Tuesday?
6. Do you think she will have resolved the conflict by the time the director arrives?

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