Listen and complete the dialogue

Matt: Hey Nicole, how´s it going?
Nicole: Not good actually. I have a hard-decision to make.
Matt: Well, maybe I can help. What´s the decision about?
Nicole: It´s about my boyfriend. I don’t know if we should keep dating.
Matt: Have you made a list of the pros and cons of your decision?
Nicole: Not yet. Let´s see… the pros are: we have a good time together, and he makes me laugh.
Matt: What about the cons?
Nicole: Hmm… well there is a lot of conflict in our relationship, and we fight a lot.
Matt: What is his opinion? Have you talked to him about it?
Nicole: I´ve tried, but every time we start talking about it, he gets angry and walks away.
Matt: I don’t know, Nicole. It sounds like he is not the right person for you. Good luck.

Complete with

1. I would have respected him a lot more if he had not told a lie.
2. The marketing department promotes all of the company´s fund raisers and activities.
3 This graph represents all of the different opinions on our latest policy.
4. He was very well represented in court because he paid for the best lawyers.
5. My favorite celebrity is promoting her brand new line of clothing. I can´t wait.
6. Do you think kids today show respect for their parents and grandparents?

Rewrite the Sentences

1. We have to speak to the bank or else they will have bought that expensive car by the end of the day.
2. If our children stand up for what they believe in, they will represent us well.
3. This new product is an exciting development, so the company will have to promote it as much as possible.
4. It´s so early, the policies will not be set in stone yet.
5. Do you think she will have called the police by tomorrow?
6. If you gave your social security number, you will have provided him with all the information he needs.

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