Follow the pattern
1. He eats as if he were fat.
2. She uses the bathroom as if she were the only one in the house.
3. They act as if they were very clever.
4. My sister acts as if she were a movie star.
5. You´re easting as if this is the last meal you´ll ever eat.
6. To keep from getting nervous, imagine the audience as if they were in their underwear.

Fill in the gaps with the sentences
1. 3
2. 5
3. 2
4. 1
5. 4


Attention, Urgent my shoppers:
it is now 9:45(nine, forty-five), the store will be closing in 15(fifteen) minutes.
the Electronics and jewelry departments are no longer open.
If you have not yet proceeded to an checkout line, please do so now.
Please make sure that any coupons are easily accessible. We appreciate your business.
Thank You for shopping at J Market.

1. What time does the store close? B)

2. Wich department are no longer open? C)

3. Where should the costumers go? C)

Welcome to Easy Auto’s Part.
You may select for my auto express wash for five dolars, or V.I.P wash for seven dollars,
or our delux wash for 9 dollars.
Please choose the your desired car wash from the menu bellow.
Insert payment into the machine, after you payment is accepted, please roll up all windows, place your car in neutral
an turn off the stereo.
Take advantage of our free vacuums and don’t forget to pick up … before you go.

4. How many car washes does Easy Auto’s Part offer? C)

5. How much does the V.I.P wash cost? A)

6. What would you do after the payment is accepted? C)

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