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Cab Driver

Mr. Jones was na American who had to go to Brazil on a Business trip. He had heard a lot about Brazilian drivers. One day, he got very scared because someone told him that the taxi drivers flew around twon in their cars. The day he arrived in Rio he was a little nervous because he had to take a taxi to go downtown. “ I need to go to Copacabana aveneu and I´m in a hurry”. Mr Jones said to the driver. The driver, who didin´t speak English very well , said, “Don´t worry . I´ll fly you there sir”. Mr. Jones answered with a pale look on his face. “If this car gets off the pavement, I´ll have a heart attack”.

Cirlce the best option

1. I am a patient person, but one thing (do/do not) put up with is lack of respect.
– I am a patient person. But one thing I do not put up with is lack of respect

2. Some parents treat their children (so if /as if) they were adults.
– Some parents treat their children as if they were adults.

3. He ( did attempt/ did attemped) to call the police, nobody answered the phone.
– He did attempt to call the police but nobody answered the phone.

4. They were treated as if (they was/ they were) criminals.
– They were treadted as if they were criminals.

5. I simply (do not belive/ do belive ) that we should be held responsible for something our neighbor chooses to do.
– I simply do not belive that we should be held
responsible for something our 
neighbor chooses to do.

6. The girl acted as though ( she was never/ she had never) seen a live pony before.
– The girl acted as though she had never seen a pony live before.

Complete the dialogue

– So John, is ti true? Are you really moving to another country?
– Yes, it´s true. I´m moving because of my career.
– It does sound like a good opportunity for your caree. But aren´t you concernerd about your kids?
– Yes, I´m concerned , but kids can adjust to an enviorment very easily.
– I Understand. Did you make a list of the pros and cons of moving there?
– Yes, as a matter of fact I did. The pro is the kids will have na excellent education and cons they will be away form their grandparents.
– Yes. It will be very importante for your kids to learn to respect diferences.
– Yes, it´s very importante. They can also learn a diferent language and make new friends.
– I´m very happy for you , John. Will you have moved by the end of the month then?
– I think so, the sooner we leave the sooner we get to come back to visit.

Building a Story

After the week I just had, I decideed to learn Russian. A new investor from Moscow came to visit the company where I work and my boss asked me to receive him and show him out office and our city too. The only problem is that is that this investor didn´t speak English fluently, and communicating with him
was very dificult…

The students must continue the story using the following words:

1. All ears ; 2. Butterflies in your stomach; 3. Cold feet; 4. Fish out of water; 5.
Nick of time; 6. Tongue-tied; as well as the question words: 1. Who ; 2. When;
3. Where; 4. What; 5; How does the story end.

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