Listen and complete the dialogue

1. What are you doing?
2. You are going in the opposite direction
3. The screen is too small
4. You want to travel and need your computer
5. I think I’ll buy a tablet for those situations
6. Laptops are not as easy to carry around as tablets

Complete with

1. could
2. should
3. can’t
4. replaced
5. launch
6. ought to

Rewrite the sentences

1. His new book is expected to be launched next month
2. I guess she must be playing with the kids in the basement
3. They made significant improvement in the products in the past few years
4. He studied so hard for months so I guess he may pass the test this time
5. Your printer isn’t working properly. The company should replace it for you.
6. Unfortunately it tends to become obsolete as time passes

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