Follow the patern

1. Isn´t it smells marvelous?
2. If I had known it tasted so delicious I would have tried it before.
3. Sounds like it´s going to rain.
4. Something smells like burning.
5. Her voice sounded very said on the phone. I hope she gets better.
6. She looks very worried. What happened to her?


Hi, every one. Welcome to orientation. The first … we like to do is take to .. the factory
our first stop is sure in the drawing room, where finest thinkers use their imagination to solve problems,
create new inventions and make projections about our products.
Then welcome to the laboratory, where we do all the necessary experimentation with new ideas, specialists make sure there are no flaws
in the products and all the problems are worked out.
And lastly, it wants the idea has been tested and proved, it sent the main floor to be manufactured and sold across the country.
It’s the facility process, and we hope you enjoy being a part of our team.

1) Who is this person speaking to?
1. b

2)What happens in the laboratory after the drawing room?
2. c

3)Where are the products sold after been manufactured?
3. c

Thank you for joining in our trawler tours.
we hope you have enjoyed your tour over washington DC, … so far.
And that …
Before we completed our tour, We have one last stop for entertainment.
We’ll visit national archives where over 10 billions records are stored.
In this building we can discovery history on all kind of topics, whether be the declaration of independence
or pictures and records of immigrants coming to america. The archives have baptisms, weddings and birth certificates,
photos of native americans who first .. the land, records of the country going to war and many others important pieces
of american history.
Admission is free, and the build is open until 7 p.m., so feel free to stay as long you want.
we’ll meet back at trawler at 7:15.
Thanks again for choosing trawler tours. We hope you have wonderful time.

4)What type of turists … the trawller tours?
4. c

5)What the significance of the national archives?
5. b

6)How long people is allowed to stay at national archives building?
6. c

Fill in the gaps with the sentences.
1. 3
2. 4
3. 2
4. 1
5. 5

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