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Bad Luck

When Billy Jack was younger, he did everything to please his girlfriend, Billy Jane. So, he decided to become a member of a parachute team in the army. On the plane, the instructor told him to pull the cord with his right hand after jumping. If the parachute didn’t open , he should then pull the other cord with the left hand. “There will be a truck down there waiting for you, Billy Jack”, the instructor said. Billy Jack jumped and pulled the cord with his left hand, but the parachute didn’t open. Then he pulled the other cord with his right hand, but it still didn’t open. Billy Jack got very nervous and said to himself: “I have really bad luck. And now, I bet the truck won’t even be waiting for me.”
1. decided to become
2. didn’t open
3. jumped and pulled
4. got very nervous
5. won’t even be waiting

Circle the best option

1. Doesn’t it feel like an oven in here? Turn the fan on please.
2. It’s wonderful how these flowers smell so good.
3. The chicken doesn’t taste good. You should add more seasoning.
4. It feels a little chilly outside. I better grab a coat.
5. What noise is this? It sounds like rain.
6. Well, it doesn’t seem that hard. You should try it.
7. Parts of speech

Complete the dialogue(Sugestion)

– Hi Mary, could you do me a big favor? I need someone to do research for me. My computer has just stopped working.
– Sure, what can I do for you?
– Well, can you find me some articles about obsolete gadgets?

– Ok, I’ll look for them over the internet.
– I have to create a new product for a college project, but the teacher wants to reuse old technology.

– Well, let’s see if we can combine new and old things.
– Well, he likes to invent new things. He has two or three patents for his innovations.

– In that case, i think he’ll aprove a combination of new and old gadgets.
– Yes, he is very intelligent. He is on the cutting edge of computer and communications and technology.

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