Choose the Right Answer
1. d
2. a
3. c
4. d
5. d
6. a

Listen and Answer the Question

– What have you done to preserve the environment?


Tom – Jane, is it a great know there are kids belong to serious institution that besides providing them a hight quality education, also teaches them the importance of preserving nature?
Jane – I so agree with you, Tom. I use actuality talking to other parents about the same thing the other day. And they’re just as happy and satisfied as we are.
Tom – It’s important that kids grow up with idea of preserving and taking care of the environment.
Jane – I was so impressed other day when I saw my five old boy separating recycled “boil”(?) irons.
Tom – Adults today would worry mutch more about the environment if they had previously taught about how important this is.
Jane – Well, we can recovery what has been lost, but at least we can save what we have left.

1)Why are the parents so happy with the kids education?

1. b

2)Why do they think it’s important for the kids to learn about environmental preservation from the time they are …?
2. c

3)What is one of the parents think about Adults today?
3. a

John – Alicia did you see what happened in the south?
Alicia – Yes, I did see it, John. It was horrible, and they keep showing on the news.
John – Lucky, the government has … to help all the families has lost everything they had in the flood.
Alicia – Where I going to say might sound … but these nature incidents are happening because of the deforestation and pollution, this is why we are suffering the consequences of global warming.
John – Thats so true, and areas been flooded is only the beginning.
Alicia – It seems like a continuing situation.
John – Well, It might be, in order to at least …people should more conscious about not throwing trash in the streets. Most of the floods start up when …
Alicia – Who knows sometime soon people might start really been concerned about the future of the planet.
John – Hopefully, because …

4)What natural catastrofe are they talking about?
4. c

5) Why does Alicia think some natural disastres … be happening?
5. b

6)According to the text, what is one of the solutions to avoid floods?
6. a

Write Questions For

1. Will you be traveling abroad on Christmas?
2. Can I use the computer?
3. Don’t you think I should call a baby sitter?
4. How shall we clear our stock?
5. Have you seen her recently?
6. Could you make a decision for me?

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