Complete the text with the words in the box

– Interested in helping the world? There are many websites that calculate your carbon footprint so you know the aspects of your life that needs changing in order to reduce the emission of CO2 in our atmosphere. You are mistaken if you think that this matter invloves only means of transportation. Everything we do in our lives count, from the kind of food you buy to the amount of time you leave the lights on in your house. People seldom stop to think about how their way of life can be destroying the ozone layer or contributing to the global warming. Be different, act different.


People scarcely leave this area to look for new opportunities
1. b

I had to seek my kid to the hospital again
2. c

Was the entire house destroyed by the fire?
3. b

There was a warning on TV about the risk of driving during the blizzard.
4. c

Don’t never forget to put Sunscreen on
5. a

consumerism … has been growing in our country
6. c

Underline the correct forms in the dialogue

– Karen: Hey Erik. Have you heard? The company IS RECEIVING na award for our recycling program.
– Erik: Really? Never before HAVE WE received such an award, and we´ve had this program for over five years now.
– Karen: I know, but the City Hall decided TO ENCOURAGE this kind of initiative from local companies and factories.
– Erik: It´s about time. Only by seeing the results in their pockets WILL PEOPLE start their own programs.
– Karen: It´s sad. The results for the nature doesn´t COUNT as much money, right?
– Erik: No,they don´t. But at least they are doing something. Hardly ever DO WE see this kind of environmental awareness from the local governments.

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