Organize the text
1. 2
2. 5
3. 1
4. 3
5. 4
1. a
a)Due to the drought most farmers lost all their crops.
b)The soil is great for planting.
c)We are ready to harvest

2. b
a)The whole city was destroyed during the earthquake.
b)Due to pollution the city is under constant smog.
c)There is no trace of pollution here.

3. a OU c (não sei)
a)Environmental organizations have been doing all they can to control the oil spill
b)There is nothing to be done to stop the ship from sinking.
c)They’re still working in the area of the accident

4. c
a)He never separates the recyclable items. (items lê-se airens)
b)He recycles all these material by himself.
c)He is aware of the importance of separating recyclable materials

5. b OU a (não sei)
a)When will they throw away all these magazines?
b)The consumption of paper must be reduced by at least 50%.
c)The consumption of water is totally essential for one survival.

6. b
a)A kind of one bug has damaged the entire plantation
b)The effects of deforestation might not be felt today, but eventually they will.
c)The forest is protected by the government.

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