Rewrite the Sentences

1. Adam complimented her on the project
2. This is my dear wife
3. They always go sailing during summer time
4. They’ve always had high expectations towards their children
5. I can’t believe you broke his computer
6. Are you totally sure about buying that car?

Fill in the gaps with the sentences
1. 5
2. 3
3. 1
4. 2
5. 4


the world is full of amazing creatures that come all shapes and sizes.
Unfortunately many of them have been affected by our presence in negative ways.
The world is now over … due to dangerous species which are at risk become extinct because of … habitats, over hunting or pollution to the environment.
For example, 20% of all mammals and 12% of marine species are in danger and threat list.
In order to prevent the complete extinction of this animals, we need to become aware of our own habits and try hard to eliminate waste and …
Only then will these animals have a chance to survive.

1)How many animal live in the earth today?
1. c

2)What percentage of species are threatened or endangered today?
2. b

3) Why are animals becoming extinct in the world today?
3. c

Hello, Ms. Smith, this is Mr. …, the principal at the Greenfield Elementary School,
I’m calling on behalf of your son Brady, he was at the playground this morning when he fell off the monkey bars.
He was knocked out for about forty five (45) seconds and couldn’t breathe after he first hit the ground. After about three (3) minutes his breathing is back to normal and he is fully conscious. However, he did landed on his arms and we believe it is broken.
We sent him to the emergency room at University Medical Center.
Please go immediately to the hospital to check on Brady.

4)Who is calling Ms. Smith to inform about her son?
4. b

5)What happened to Brady at school?
5. b

6)Why did school decide to sent Brady to emergency room?
6. a

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