Is this funny?

caused a great confusion
horse saw a snake
the dead woman was was revived
followed the wagon
there will be

Circle the best option

1    sent
2    ferry
3    sea
4    waste
5    whether
6    whole

Building a story

When I was crossing the door of a department store last saturday the security alarm went off.
Two security guards came to talk to me and asked to check my bag and receipt.
You can imagine my surprise when I found a bracelet inside it, that I hadn’t purchased. And off course I hadn’t taken it nor try to steal it.
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4 respostas

  1. I was scared and everybody at the store were looking at me. I said to the security guards the truth: I really wasn’t trying to steal! I looked around to see if someone was with the “I put the bracelet in your bag!” face, and I found what I was looking for. A teenager called Victoria was more scared than me and she said that her mother didn’t want to give her the bracelet, so she was trying to take it for free by putting it in my bag

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