Choose the right answer
1. d
2. a
3. c
4. d
5. c
6. d

Listen and Answer the questions
What kind of help can you give some people without spending money?


Jerry – Hey Jenifer are you gone to volunteer for any kind of social work this semester?
jenifer- I believe I am, Jerry. I just haven’t decided witch program I going to volunteer with.
Jerry – I haven’t decided either, but everyone in our class seems to be volunteering at an orphanage in town, once a week. There are so many kids will need our help there.
Jennifer – It’s great that our professors providing us with different options. It’s important that each of us helps at least one institution.
Jerry – Everyone should be volunteer in some way. It’s so great that our university promotes this idea, and even better that most students on campus are engaged in it.
Jennifer – Hey, I just had an idea, in addiction to volunteering, why don’t we come up with a fundraiser auction?
Jerry – That’s an awesome idea, we could split the money raised among the institutions we aid, I’m sure everyone would be so happy.
Jennifer – Let’s take this opportunity to show how we can give love and kindness to others.

1) What is the students undecided about? B

2) What ideia does the university support? B

3) What brilliant ideia does Jennifer have to help the institutions even more? C

Lisa – Hey Ben, have you ever stop to think about how much food we waste every single day?
Ben – Yes, Lisa. I have. Like every else probably has. But the thing is – we think about it and never end up taking action to change the situation.
Lisa – Unfortunately that’s true. We have means to help other nations or people on own community and we do nothing.
Ben – I saw a program on TV the other day about doctors who leave their countries and life behind in order to help people in Africa for a while. I think it’s so great when someone uses a gift they have for very good causes.
Lisa – It’s really admirable. I wish I could do the same for people. We have so much and we sometimes still complain, whereas others don’t even have drinkable water or piece of bread.
Ben – It’s time to stop talking about it and really do something.
Lisa – I agree, and it has to start with us.

4) What’s the main topic discussed between the two friends? C

5) Why does Ben think nothing is ever done to help less fortunate people? A

6) What was the TV program Ben saw on TV about? B

Write questions for

1. Was their help essential?

– Yes because we got their help. We were able to finish everything way before the deadline.

2. But, do you think she’ll like my work?

– Don’t worry. She likes your work as much as she likes mine.

3. Could they join us?

– No, despite their effort, they weren’t able to join us.

4. Have they got closer now?

– Yes, they have. As the days passed, they got closer and closer.

5. Is everyone committed?

– No, while some people were very committed, others didn’t care about it

6. Could you do the job?

– Although I wanted to, I couldn’t do it.

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