Listen and Complete the Dialogue
1. Do you need to help?
2. What are all these tools for
3. I’ve heard about the organization
4. People usually help with food or clothes
5. would like to do something to help
6. nobody came this morning
7. I’m sure they’ll show up for that

Complete with

1. committed
2. take off
3. visiting
4. appreciate
5. couldn’t
6. got


1. Despite the large number of students, she always controls the class well.
2. Even though you agree with him, I won’t approve this idea.
3. Regardless if what she did recently I believe she deserves another chance.
4. It seems the longer he works here, the less he enjoys it.
5. Although it snowed a lot, the kids spent most of the day outside.
6. Even though we are not close friends anymore, I would tell her it.

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