Organize the text
1. 4
2. 1
3. 2
4. 5
5. 3


a) She has just started the college.
b) Shes in doubt about what class she should take.
–>c) Her parents were able to support her all the way through the college.

a) He decided to spend the day with his sons at home.
–>b) Even though he is an extreme busy man he is very commited to his daughters.
c) He never spends time with his family.

a) She has never driven before.
b) She doesn’t feel comfortable while driving.
–>c) They really appreciate her giving them a ride.

a) They received a good amount of food to donate to the poor.
–>b) They all spent the whole weekend asking for donations.
c) They haven’t gotten any donation.

–>a) They mainly sponsor race competitions.
b) He has just won the competition.
c) He got into a terrible accident.

a) They seem to be in great need of food.
–>b) They are taking the homeless to shelters.
c) He refused to .. help the man.

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