Choose the right answer
1. c
2. d
3. a
4. d
5. b
6. a (no one)
Listen and answer the question

– Do you thing parents should decide what their kids watch on tv? why or why not?

Write questions for

1. How often do their kids come to visit them?
2. How often do you exercise?
3. Did any of them go to a private university?
4. How many members of the group did you invite?
5. Did everybody understand what he needs?
6. Why didn’t you get here on time?


Man – I see your point, but I still think certain aspects …

woman –  OK, but you don’t think it’s all hereditary though. Do you?

Man – No, Not necessary, I think a lot of children behavior is immitation and some is hereditary.

Woman – Now we are on the same wavelength. (significa ‘comprimento de onda’, mas tem o sentido de ‘estamos em sintonia’)
I also believe children imitate the behavior of thos adults with him they have an intimate relationship.

Man – Definitly, especially the nuclear family, parents, grandparents or other close relatives.

Woman – What I don’t understand for what you are saying is what part of behavior you think is genetic.

Man – Well, What I mean to say is that whether the child is more introspective, agressive or incline to the arts
for exemple, will depend a lot on their parents. But I can concede to you opnion that even these hereditary
aspects may be influenced by family participation, involvement and presents.

1. What’s the man opnion on the child behavior? C

2. Who does the man think influences the child behavior? A

3. According to the conversation we can infer that the woman believes: B

Woman – What about that ‘day care center’ (‘creche’), you used to volunteer at on the weekends?

Man – There is the great place. And you can do even more than just volunteer. You could become a big brother.

Woman – What do you mean?

Man – Since most of the kids they look after are orfans who go back to orfannage at nigth they run a Big Brother Program.
After you have been volunteer for some time if you have developed a good relationship with one or more kids you could
become a sort of guardian to them, just like a big brother.

Woman – How does that work exactaly?

Man – Well, you wouldn’t have financial responsabilities but you would be expected provide emotional support to take the kids
out on the weekends some times, to contrib with their academic and religious education by helping out with homework, or
by taking the kid to church.

4. From the conversation is possible to infer that: B

5. Who goes to the day care center mentioned in the conversation? C

6. What is the responsabilities of a big brother? A

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