Listen and complete the dialogue

 Dave: Kelly. Hi, I’m gad I ran into you.

 Kelly: Hi, Dave. It’s good to see you. Did you want to talk to me?

 Dave: I thought maybe, since you are a psychologist, you could advise me on a little problem Mary and I are having at home.

 Kelly: Mary had already mentioned something about Matt givin you guys a headache.

 Dave: Yeah.. well, the problem is not Matt. It is that Mary and I
       can’t to seem to agree on how to educate him. And now he is starting to notice how we disagree…

 Kelly: Hmm.. that can’t be good. Did you sit and talk about how you want to bring up your children before he was born?

 Dave: No, not really. And I think that is the problem now that he is growing up. He is pushing our limits.

 Kelly: Well, it is never too late. I’d advise you to have this conversation as soon as possible and see how things go from there.

 Dave: You are probably right. Thanks a million, Kelly.

 Kelly: No problem. Tell Mary to give a call. I miss her ever since you moved from the neighborhood.

 Complete With

    Aren´t they supposed to provide technical support monthly?
    She is constantly advised on how she should invest her money.
    After they argued they hardly ever talked to each other.
    Nobody seemed to be interested in what she was saying.
    At this late hour nothing else can be done.
    There were only two seats left on the plane, but neither were first class.

Rewrite the Sentences

    Normally, the meeting wouldn´t have started on time, but something must have
    Nobody has been advised about the changes yet.
    He dream has always been educate her kids at a private school.
    Our company has never provided a good work environment to everyone.
    Studies haven`t shown a great progress on finding a cure for this disease.
    People who live in the south have never seen snow


    What would you do differently in your routine if there were 30 hours in a day?

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