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Listening (Com transcrições dos aúdios)

   a) The little boy was left at home all by himself.
   b) The kids didn’t care along with each other.
–>c) It must be hard to leave the kids at the day-care-center.

   a) The live in perfect conditions.
–>b) This program has been created to help the undeprivileged areas.
   c) They have been providing support for a long time.
   a) She shouldn’t have left without a coat.
   b) It’s great summer time has finaly arived.
–>c) Although she is from California she loves cold weather very much.

–>a) She’s been working as care-giver(cuidador) at this nursing home (lar de idosos, casa de rouso).
   b) She never get around to visit her mother.
   c) She is not a caring person.

   a) She behaved while you were gone.
   b) She doesn’t seem so upset.
–>c) She is frequently put in time-out(castigo).

–>a) They’re been educated at one of the best institutions in the city.
   b) They’re having hard time learning.
   c) She has been home schooled(ensinada em casa, teve aulas em casa) for a while.

Parts of speech

– All of us can agree that we need to care every poor children.
– Not only doing charity but helping in overcoming of poverty culture in your community.
– Participating in all communal organization and creat mecanisms to overcome all the difficulties and grow up.

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