Listen and complete the dialogue

1. to talk to the school principal today
2. correcting his answer to teacher’s question
3. The girl is that the new one with red hair
4. he has already suspended everybody
5. needs to pay to stop this bullying
6. you are the most support of coach here

Complete with

1. Our teachers have encouraged us all to seek our dreams with more intent.
2. The magazine article on how modern entrepreneurs succeeded in life was very inspiring.
3. If you want to succeed in the information technology business…
4. They have been encouraged to take measures against adult illiteracy in the neighborhood.
5. The grass in the school yard had grown several centimeters when students returned from their vacation.
6. The neighborhood school children have grown accustomed to the lack of infrastructure in the school buildings.

Justify your answer

– School should be mandatory until 18? In my opinion yes because only through education people can have a better life.


1. That racehorse is very beautiful.
2. As soon as I pushed the rings bell I regretted having gone there. (Não sei se está certo)
3. Pelé is the best soccer player that has ever lived.
4. The gift box was more expensive than the present itself.
5. The horserace was very boring because it was raining too much and we couldn’t see a thing.
6. Can you please get some paper towels at the supermarket?


– If it was proved that your mobile phone was harmful to your health, would you stop using it? Se ficasse provado que o celular é prejudicial para a sua saúde, você pararia de usá-lo?

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