Listen and complete
1. was invited
2. two glasses on the table
3. turned to the orienteds
4. never have worms
Circle the best option
1. have
2. have been
3. have been
4. have been
5. have been
6. have been

Complete the Dialogue

1. John, could you stay a little longer? I need to talk to you about something.
– You missed my party and I was very upset.

2. No, you haven’t done anything wrong. But I think we should talk about your latest results.
– They have been gradually decreasing this month

3. I know; I know you have always been a good student. That is why I thought it very odd to see you got only a D+ in the last test.
– Is there something going on that is causing you to fall back on your grades?

4. I see. Well, maybe you have tone overboard choosing to take all these courses in the same semester.
– Maybe you should think about doing them at different times.

5. In my opinion you should revise your schedule with your counselor and make some choices.
– This way you’ll know what classes you’ll be able to take.

6. Not at all. If the professor knows why you are dropping out, there will be no problems. I, for one, would rather you had the time to dedicate to my discipline next semester than see you barely pass with a C-.
– You need to get your grades up before its too late.

Building a Story

I’m very nervous though, I have no idea what to expect and I’ve never been to a meeting like this before. Hopefully everything goes well so that my boss can see how dedicated I am.

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