1 – I speak with my children in the evening
2 – I don’t study in the morning
3 – I work at school in the afternoon
4 – I don’t drink juice, but I eat bread
5 – I drink only milk and tea
6 – I eat bread, cheese and ham
7 – I don’t play chess with my father at home

Substitution practice:

1 – I study french with my sister at home
2 – I don’t play the guitar with my friends at home
3 – I don’t speak english with my father
4 – I don’t work there / I work with my brother at the bank
5 – I eat fish and meat in the afternoon
6 – I don’t study spanish with my son in the evening
7 – I don’t drink a cup of coffee
8 – Sorry, I don’t speak english

Written practice:

1 – I work at a store in the evening
2 – I play with my children at night
3 – I don’t drink tea, but I drink juice / Thank you
4 – I study with my son and my daughter in the morning
5 – I don’t work with my father in the evening
6 – I eat cheese and ham in the morning
7 – I play chess with my brothers
8 – I don’t speak with my teacher in the morning, only in the afternoon


1 – I drink Juice
I play with my sister
You work at night
You work with your brother

2 – I eat ham
I study with my sister
You play the violin
You drink tea in the evening

3 – I drink tea
I eat bread and ham
You study english
You drink coffee at night

4 – I speak portuguese
I study and work
You eat meat
You play tennis

5 – I eat cheese in the morning
I speak with my bother
You speak with the teacher
You work at the store

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