Complete the sentences

1. In fact
2. in addition
3. lastly
4. in conclusion

Write a story

Laughing Lines – Linhas de expressão
Crow´s feet – Pés de galinha
Receding hairline – calvície
to stick out – ressaltar, sobressair
birthday boy/girl – aniversariante

Choose the correct option

1. She was polite to me this morning; still, i don´t trust her.
2. Did I mention the story in which my father found a winning ticket?
3. Sha gave me a nice wallet, but I already have one.
4. I have lost 7 kilos, yet I still have some hard work ahead.
5. I like groups in which the pairs were arranged,
6. I don´t really know what color that is. Is it greenish or blunish?
7. We have reached an agreement about that, still, we have some points we need to discuss.
8. This is the place of which the owners were from a German family.
9. I really didn´t like his behavior towards me.
10. This is the store in which I feel comfortable spending hours.

Listen and write the word that rhymes


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