Choose the correct option


a) Positive thinking can help you motivate yourself.

b) How is she managing to keep everything under control?

c) What tools do you use to keep track of your expenses?


a) Put on your sweater. You don’t want to catch a cold.

b) We were caught in the rain and to make it worse we forgot our umbrella.

c) We were expecting it to rain but this looks way different from what the weather forecast said.

Put the verbs into the correct form

  1. The doctors believe that he has overcame the disease by the end of this year. (to overcome)
  2. In the old days, people stored food in case of war. (to store)
  3. This student possesses very well developed skills for researching. (to possess)
  4. Everybody reviewed the text minutes before handing it in to the teacher. (to review)
  5. He has been meditating for hours now. (to meditate)
  6. I complimented him on his efforts to get good grades on the tests. (to compliment)
  7. He exchanged every gift he got for his birthday. ( to exchange)
  8. My dog was conditioned to stand by the door whenever he hears the bell. (to condition)
  9. These two families swap goods and food. (to swap)
  10. If he spent some time in the sum, it will energize him.

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