Graduation W10 Lesson 295

Fill in the blanks Billy Jack was always well-liked by people in his town and they would always ask for his help when they need something. Billy Jack liked to be helpful whenever he could be. One day a guy walked up to Billy and asked: “What´s the quickest way to get downtown?” “Well, that […]

Professional W4 lesson 109

Complete with decide / order / attend / sign / receive / sit / hid 1.receive 2.order 3.decide 4.sign 5.hid 6.attend 7.sit Write a Question for 1.Did you receive the answer from the manager ? 2.When will she be back ? 3.What season do you travel ? 4.Will you send my package ? 5.What are […]

professional W4 lesson 108

Listening and Comprehension everywhere / your money / newspaper / to put / will help / your life / you were a child / to buy something / did you know how to know/ if you want to be/ money today 1.How did you earn your money when you were a kid ? 2.How did […]